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Leadership Coaching

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What is Leadership Coaching?

Who do I look to work with?

(Typical age range: 21-25 years old)

(Typical age range: 25-35 years old)

(Typical age range: 35-45 years old)


Influencial Exploration

Early & Young Leaders seeking their ability to influence change. This includes:

  • Students in higher education

  • Entry-level leaders

  • Young entrepreneurs

  • Early stage community leaders

  • Leaders seeking to grow beyond.

Exploration Leaders come to me for:

  • Assess personal leadership qualities

  • Develop unique leadership potential and impact

  • Enhance experience with personal leadership ability and knowledge


Influential Established

Mid-level leaders seeking to expand their leadership capabilities. This includes:

  • Mid-level leaders

  • Some experience in organizations, activities, and/or programs.

  • Often key members of organizations.

  • Leaders looking to create a larger impact beyond their current influence.

Established Leaders come to me for:

  • Attain a deepened understanding and insight, seen or unseen.

  • Develop personalized strength-based style of leadership necessary for influential impact on others.

  • Gain insight into their personal fulfillment and satisfaction - through empowerment of others.


Influential Expert

Developed leaders seeking to enhance & expand. This includes:

  • Leaders of groups and organizations.

  • Key members in their community.

  • Years of experience in their field.

Expert Leaders come to me for:

  • Increase knowledge in problem-solving abilities.

  • Develop enhanced leadership capabilities towards directed audience.

  • Networking and collaboration efforts towards your mission.

Get in touch.

Please contact me through any of the following:

To contact me by phone - give me a call at (701) 550-7606

If you prefer to contact me by email, reach out at (

Miigwech, (Thank you in Ojibwe).

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