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Hello, I'm Dr. Tami, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. I create candid conversations about what Psychologists are Saying related to everyday situations. I combine Indigenous & Modern Day Psychology - helping each of us understand behaviors impacting ourselves and others.

PS,  Here's to Being Human. 

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First Impressions


First impressions is an episode describing exactly how fast a person judges another for the first time. Dr. Tami, joined by producer Rob Jollie - dive deeper into exactly what is a first impression and does it really matter?

Some of us more than others have a tougher time dealing with first impressions. It can be daunting, nerve-racking, and uncomfortable to say the least. During this episode, you will be able to learn not only what truly happens during the first impression, but what you can do to help put your mind at ease.

The Team

Meet the Team

Welcome to the PsychologistSay Team! We are more than happy and proud to share our backgrounds, along with our roles on the team. We hope you enjoy!

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Dr. Tami Jollie-Trottier

Founder & Lead Host

Dr. Tami is a Clinical Psychologist, Motivational Coach, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Founder of PsychologistSay Podcast. She leads the vision for the Podcast with a natural leadership approach - always with a smile on her face.

Kyler McGillis

Marketing & Floor Leader

Kyler is an enthusiastic, hard-working individual with a passion in building his overall knowledge in business. He currently serves as Founder & Executive Director of a nonprofit organization called All Indigenous Recruiting Organization (AIRO).

Aiyana Trottier

Research & Content Developer

Aiyana is currently an undergraduate intern at Indigenized Behavioral Healing. She focuses on research involving Indigenous issues, relationships, and spiritualities. Aiyana is known for her disciplined work ethic & passion for her field.

Rob Jollie

Audio & Content Production

Rob is a highly talented individual with a backing experience to show for it. As creator and owner of ROJOSOUL, LLC - he is dedicated to providing the best experience for video production, photography, and graphic design.

Tara Jollie


Tara has a long list of accomplishments throughout her career. With all of her experience, she provides key advice, strategic planning, and most importantly - high, contagious energy. It isn't a team without Tara on the Team.

Jessica Zaste


Jessica is a highly creative & talented photographer with a passion for making every picture the one you imagine. She is the Founder & Owner of Lee.Greyson Photography - where she provides services for graduating seniors, professionals, family, newborns, and much more.

Why the Podcast?

          According to recent research, psychology and mental health is the highest searched field on the internet; and now more than ever, psychologists are being called on to provide their expertise in all facets of life, as psychologists are the experts in human behavior.  Psychologists are in a unique position to provide their much-needed expertise, yet, this can be a challenging task given time, access, staffing, and money restrictions, which are also the main barriers for my consulting.  Currently, I own and operate Indigenized Behavioral Healing (IBH), a small private practice located on tribal lands in (rural) Belcourt, ND.  With this podcast, I am looking to get the word out regarding good mental health to the general public, and the unique services at IBH to career professionals who may want this unique training to the furthest corners of the world.

          With 20 years of experience and my expertise related to Westernized and Traditional Indigenous treatment, PsychologistsSay will bring a focus on healing to the forefront and represent our Indian relatives, the largest minority in the US per census data, and provide a voice in this time of extreme need.  With this podcast, it is my goal to reduce the existing disparities, engage the general public, and share service information.  This podcast will also discuss the unique clinical services available at IBH for the general public and career professionals.

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