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GenArt in Indigenous Education Workbook

Virtual Workshop All in One

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My Workbook!

Over the course of the years, I have provided many  workshops for schools, organizations, and more. The more I started to do them - I realized that I could make it accessible for anyone and everyone.

That's when I started to work on a bundle package for the GenArt in Indigenous Education Workbook. Being able to provide critical information and learning, along with fun activities that keeps you engaged - it is the perfect workbook.

What is it?

I designed a training experience that merges westernized trauma-informed psychological theory with Anishinaabe's cultural healing and creative art expression for local ND schools serving Indigenous students. My virtual workshop highlights the essential element of integrating psychological training, cultural awareness, and art in our schools and documents the real benefits of keeping Arts in Indigenous Education in our educational systems as we advance.


What do I get?

Earn a certificate!

Earn two (2) hour credits by completing the Pre and Post-Assessment Tools Online

Earn two (2) hour credits by completing the WorkBook Activities, Virtual/Interactive or Paper Copy/Print

Earn four (4) hour credits by watching the Virtual Recorded Content

A Few Artistic Assignments


Four (4) hour credits w/ Virtual Recorded Content

Guess what?! You can follow along with me as we go slide by slide! During the presentation, you and/or your group will be able to get Creative and Complete the Artistic Assignments shown above.

Dive deep into the lessons about Indigenous trauma. Learn different skills and methods to help by adding your own creative, artistic talents.

Wait - there's more :)

Two (2) hour credits w/ Pre & Post-Assessment Tools Online


Complete both the Pre and Post-Assessment Tools that are provided in the GenArt in Indigenous WorkBook using Google Forms.



Virtual Version GenArt in Indigneous Education Workbook.png
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